Red Anodized aluminum case separable cable for Filco TKL

Red Anodized aluminum case separable cable for Filco TKL

Doyu Chiwi60 Keyboard Kit. [Brass plate][Top mount][7 deg]

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Kit include :

1. Body

2. Mount plate

3. Bottom plate

4. Name plate

5. Screws

6. Round rubber feet

7. User manual


Features/Specs :


7 deg angled

Aluminum Body

Brass plate and name plate

PVD gold brass with mirrored polishing.

PC bottom plate with sandblast

1.5mm thickness mount plate

Surface finishing:

Sandblast & ED for white

*Why not powercoating?

1. ED offer a thinner and controllable coating layer

2. ED is much more even than powercoating

3. Lesser humen work, stable quality, powercoating rely on worker skill

4. Better corrosion protection

Sandblast & Anodized for the rest colors.

stablizers support :

Default : plate mounted

HHKB : PCB mounted

Universal ANSI : PCB mounted

Universal ISO & ANSI : PCB mounted

* stabilizer pack contains :

plastic part for 6 caps (Genuine Cherry parts)

4*2u wires, 2*3u wires, 1* 6u wire, 1*6.25u wire, 1*7u wire

This kit not include switches.

Please search switches you need in our store.

We offer Kailh, Cherry, Gateron and Outemu switches!

Layout :

Default Layout :  (Plate stabs)
Universal ANSI : (PCB stabs)
Universal ANSI & ISO : (PCB stabs)

Things you might want to know / FAQs :

type-c ver might not fit all type-c PCB, different pcb has little difference.

Shipping cost : put item into cart and you can check it before pay

Will we run away with your money? Maybe A_A

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