Eco friendly planning of Doyu Co., ltd.

by Shiang Yu Yang on June 26, 2021

We, Doyu Co., ltd. have established for over 6 years. As citizens of the planet. It's time for us to review social responsibility we should responsible for. And bring us from citizens of the planet to responsible citizens of the planet.

As a international online retailer. We took a serious damage by limitations of flights during pandemic of China Virus in 2020. But it is also a good opportunity for us to slow down and review the damage we've done to the planet in the past years for our own interests.

During 2020, a quiet year for the world, people are limited to move. In Taiwan -- an small island surrounded by the ocean, where Doyu Co., ltd. was founded and locate. We spent more time with the ocean and the mountains during the quiet year. But, we found the wastes does not reduce even the movement was reduced. The pollution we made keep damaging the planet we love. And it will sustain for centuries.

We realized that we have consumed tons of packaging materials in the past few years. The planet is suffering by the non-sustainable wastes we have made to make profits. Most of the people who live in 2020 might not forced to survive in a planet pile up with wastes. But if we do nothing, the next generations will have to face that soon.

It is about time to change our behaviors and stay away from non-sustainable packaging. There will be 2 main stages of our packaging policy. 

1. Non recyclable packaging free

2. Sustainable materials from the field to the customer.


In stage 1. We're looking for reduce at least 60% plastic or non-sustainable packaging materials by the end of 2021, and make the promise below :

1. Reducing 60% shipping packaging made with multiple materials and hard to recycle by end of 2021, looking for only 10% or less usage of multi material packaging by end of 2022. Include 0% envelopes with bubble sheet and plastic tapes usage by end of 2022.


2. Reducing 80% of plastic usage on inner packaging by end of 2021. We'll replace most of the the plastic bags with eco-friendly packaging before New Year of 2022. 


3. Minimize materials we consume as possible. Reduce non necessary multi layer packaging. Use materials with lesser coating, unnecessary printing and shipping packaging materials with lesser carbon emissions.


4. We'll keep looking for eco-friendly shipping partners who's targeting on reducing non-sustainable shipping materials. 


5. Put recycling instructions and suggestions on packaging materials to remind our customers the importance of environment protection of our planet.


In stage 2, except things we have done in first stage. We'll source more responsible,  sustainable products in our retail networks from source to recycling.

6. As we're looking for reduce plastic or other non-sustainable materials. Paper will become one of our major packaging materials before we find better solutions. To make sure the sourcing of our materials are eco-friendly. Once we achieve replacing 60% of our packaging with recyclable materials. we'll start introducing FSC materials to our packaging to take further steps. FSC   Products with FSC certification indicate that the product is come from well managed FSC-certified forests. FSC-certified forests not only brings environmental benefits, but also social ones.


7. The only thing we're asking for our customers is to follow the instructions on our packaging to recycle the wastes that able to be reuse.


By the end of 2022, we hope we can announce the achievement proudly of what we've done to protect the planet in the past 18 months.