*important : Post service to UK stopped again from 2020/12/28


Because of China does not willing to report China Virus related info and allow the virus transmit to rest of the world on purpose. International post service from Taiwan is still very limited, there's a table shows all the countries that we can still ship via standard service now. Order with express shipping can still be sent to most areas via DHL, if we found it is not possible to ship after received order, we'll notify you and cancel the order.

Normally we'll wait for 2 weeks for orders we can't send immediately, if still not able to ship after 2 weeks, we'll notify you, cancel the order and issue refund.

The status changes daily, the table might not be very accurate sometimes.

Countries we can send via post office (standard air pack/EMS) now:



N&S America


China France USA** Australia*
Japan Netherlands Canada* New Zealand*
Vietnam German
Indonesia Belgium*
Thailand Switzerland*
Malaysia Sweden*
Singapore Czech*
Hong Kong Poland*
Macau Poland
Philippines Norway
Taiwan Denmark

* Only EMS available now

** Most of areas available, but some areas might not(Hawaii, Guam...etc)