We read lot of reviews and feedbacks that misleading people from "Authentic Cherry Stabilizer".

Although we get very limited complains on our site.

But when I read comments on sites like Amazon, there's many reviews brings customers wrong information.

We'll list most common questions we find and try to explain them.


Fake Cherry stabilizers! this is just the same as what my keyboards using.

1. Cherry make 3 types of stabilizers : snap-in(PCB), screw-in(PCB) and plate mount. at least 90% of keyboards like ducky, razer, corsair...etc use plate mount style. Most keyboards come with PCB mount stabs are custom keyboards and Cherry keyboard. But that does not mean Cherry don't make plate mount style stabilizers.


Fake Cherry/GMK stabilizers! This is not come with GMK logo bags.

2. GMK does not make a single one stabilizers. GMK stabilizer is 100% the same as Cherry's since they order from Cherry. Although "GMK stabilizer" is known as screw-in type from years ago. But they're actually made by Cherry and sell by GMK at the beginning, and people thought GMK is the manufacturer. 


Fake Cherry stabilizers! The wire color is different from XXX and OOO sold.

3. Cherry does not sell wires (at least don't sell in Asia), as an accessories that Cherry does not indicate any standard size recommendation. Distributors have to source their own wires. But wire can cause issues with very small error, many distributors made some mistake. We did have some issues before too. That's why you still have to buy your stabilizers from distributors with good reputation instead of but from some random guy who don't even know what they're selling.


Are Cherry stabilizer made in Germany

4. Although most people include us believe that Cherry made their stabilizers in Germany. But we found they might not recently. Because of our stabilizers order has significantly increase in past 2 years. Most of them are in origin box, bags without any repack when we receive.  From the info on origin packaging. We believe Cherry order these parts from another corp which is much bigger than Cherry and focused on Keyboard solutions. The company is not located in Germany. We will not mention the name since they are mainly offering solutions, part supply is not included in their service.


Are Cherry stabilizer made in Germany

5. Cherry is not likely selling stabilizers in China. But you can still buy authentic parts from China sellers. We sell around 5k to 10k kits to China every month. Some of them went to famous seller on Taobao, Amazon...etc. And the fake ones are not as cheap as people thought unless the seller own the mold. They don't really earn lot money when selling clones, we don't think lot people willing to do that, especially some famous companies in the mk community. 


These looks different from what I bought last year! 

6. Cherry replace their mold every few year. And it is not possible that they own one mold. The surface detail might be different from batch to batch. Not to mention when it compares to what people saw years ago.

btw, it is not possible to confirm batches. Cherry treat all these as the same part no matter how you guys feel. They will never make a new part number just because of mold replacement. Cherry does not promise that switches/ stabilizers...etc in the same box are the same batch. That's why we don;t promise "new mold" parts even we find they're make by new mold when we check them randomly after received.